I tell my students not to wait for the right time or surroundings or materials to make work, but to make whatever they make now and to call that the work (and I try to practice this myself). I had just forgotten, in the depths of other people’s information, that I still could do what I wanted. … No more aspirational living. I am ambitious, hard-working, skilled, quick. What can I make, now? What can I do, now, to make things in my life closer to how I imagine them or want them to be? I’m trying to tell myself, every day: No more waiting and only looking and looking. Act on that desire. Whatever it is, it is. Take the materials you have, the time you have, the abilities you have, and make something. Let’s go.

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And it’s almost as if reflagging this post stands against the point of the post. Almost. Eirann Lorsung writes on the impetus behind her publishing initiative, MIEL. In doing so, she authors a battle cry for makers in this connected age. Go read the whole thing. Then, y’know, make something.  


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